Oh and a couple of other countries along the way.

Today I am going to chat about something very exciting that will be happening in a few months.  We are off to Scandinavia! And with this trip, we are looking at being away for about 5 weeks.

Hubbie and I love to travel and we try and do a trip at least every 2 years.  We mostly go overseas but have done a few trips within Australia.  I also go on trips without him and so far I have been on two trips with one of my sisters.

When we decided to go away, we decided that we wanted to go somewhere that was quite different to the way we live and different to the places we had previously been to.  We originally had Canada in our sites, but after a bit of researching, travelling around the country was too expensive. We then thought about either Japan & South Korea or Scandinavia, with Scandinavia winning. Japan next time!

We are massive train travellers. One because we just love to travel this way.  You get to see the countryside and it is the most relaxing way to travel.  Europe has the best train systems so we hop on a train whenever we can.  Two, Hubbie hates flying, so the least flying we do the better for him.

The very broad itinerary at the moment is flying into Frankfurt, getting on a train heading off to Hirtshals, which is at the very north tip of Denmark to catch a ferry to Bergen, Norway. From there we will then catch a train to Oslo, then same to Stockholm. Then down to Copenhagen in Denmark, of course seeing things in between.

As part of the trip, Hubbie has decided to tack on a few trips to see some work colleagues. One company is in Bologna Italy and the other is in Germany, in a town called Tuttlingen.

Hubbie also had a fabulous idea in that we could shoot down to San Gimignano, which is South West of Florence to visit our exchange student that lived with us for 12 months a few years back. Brilliant!!!  Hubbie was here a few years back and said the town is amazing.  It is known as the City of Towers and is a UNESCO natural heritage site.

Sam Gimignano

Prior to us heading to San Gimignano, we are catching a couple of days in Milan as I haven’t been there before. From here we will head down, spend a 4 days here then shoot up to Germany then home. His lovely colleagues in Bologna have also organised something “special” for us and of course I am very intrigued.

I  now need to organise flights, book a ferry, trains and accommodation.  Now I am not usually an organised person, but when it comes to travelling, I am pretty damn good. I have organised a 4 week trip to Europe with Hubbie and a 7 week tour of the UK + Paris with my sister without one hiccup.

I have my favourite websites that I use and am quite familiar to how they all work.  This time though I won’t be using Airbnb; we want to use hotels.  I am totally over the getting keys, etc that go with Airbnb – I just want to get to my room, drop my luggage and have a good bed and a shower. We won’t be anywhere too long where we will need to cook our own food and plus, I really don’t like what Airbnb is doing to some cities/communities.

I will be updating you on my itinerary, things we hope to see etc.  If any of you have any suggestions, please let me know, especially for Scandinavia, they will be much appreciated.

Until next time.

Stefanie xx



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