Hello there & welcome.

Welcome to my place, a room upstairs and with a view.  The view may be my backyard and suburbia but it is my room.  It is where I do all my stuff.

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And it is all mine. No one else’s . Ok so there maybe only hubbie and me in the house along with 2 cats; the cats are allowed in. In this room are all my prized possessions; my sewing machines (4 plus my overlocker), all my craft books, my fabric stash, my yarn stash and my computer et al. Oh and there is a guitar that hasn’t been played in years.

I call this room the tree house as it sits right in the middle of the upstairs and apart from the next door neighbours, all I can see are trees.  What I can hear though is a different matter. I have a freeway right next door, but that is ok. We have lived here for over 10 years, and I am used to it.  Rather this than airplanes flying overhead. I also see a lot of sky.

So why The Redhaired Squirrel?  For starters I have red hair. Long red hair and when I wear it up, it looks like a big thick tail.  Squirrel? My son calls me this. I can be in a middle of sentence and bam I am off somewhere else.  If you have never watched the movie “Up,” I suggest you do.

This blog?  I have a little blog for my sewing, knitting and other crafts, but I don’t really tell the stories behind the makes. Well I do from a makers point of view, but not so much the journey of the struggles and triumphs.  Maybe I should.  I like blogging as well so I thought I would put the two together; the stories and the journeys. A different perspective.  Also I have other hobbies that don’t necessarily fit with my other blog. Such as my photography and all the other things I want to try such as making an app and therefore teaching myself Java and how to build an app. I also want to learn how to use my Wacom tablet.  And calligraphy.  I looove fonts..

Succulents are a new discovery to me so I want to explore these.  Oh the things I want to do.

All the things.

I also read, must have music on all.the.time. Enjoy a good movie and am trying to lose weight and get fit – that one is another story for another time. But there is plenty for us to chat about.

So thanks for dropping by and don’t be a stranger.

Stefanie xo



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