Hello there!

Today I want to chat about the look of my blog and imagery etc and how I hope it will look like. You see, when I started this blog I didn’t really think about the look of it, well I did and I didn’t. It is only over the last few weeks that I have started to really look at how my blog looks.

Now I know it isn’t amazing like some, but hey I have like zip followers so …..

Anyways I have had a poke around a few of the blogs I follow and like and checked out how they set theirs up. It was whilst doing that, that I discovered a couple of free guides on getting more followers on Instagram from one of my all time faves.  Now I am not after that but it was what she was saying  in this guide that got me thinking.  The blog is “Local Milk” and written by Beth and has the most amazing photography. I really love the deep colours and just how she does her imagery.

How do I want my blog look like? How do I want my photos to look? At the moment I have been pretty lazy and have been grabbing pictures from the website Unsplash.com. I want to take my own photos, but at the moment, time is difficult to find. Difficult in that my backyard is not the best spot and not that great looking either, so I would have to go somewhere else to take photos.  I don’t have any props at home nor the space to keep them. I think I need to make more of an effort and get myself organised. Early mornings or afternoons on the weekend?

The next big issue is the blog itself and this is what I grapple with all the time. I swap and change my look as I can’t find exactly what I want and I think the main reason is I don’t know what I want. How do I want to tell my stories.  I want all the bells and whistles! Ah yes, the squirrel is coming out again ooooo the shiny stuff.

Basically I want to tell short stories (posts), with some pictures. And with a little bit of humour thrown in.  I think I tend to overcomplicate things (again the squirrel thing) and focus on the wrong things.  I do like this current theme, but I also have another one that I am eyeing off.. God the decisions!!

KISS – Keep it simple stupid!

Next on the list is my photos – how do I want these to look… One of the interesting things that Beth wrote is to always use good imagery i.e. photos and take proper photos all the time, even for Instagram.  She also discusses have a colour theme. I am still a beginner when it comes to taking photos as well as editing them.  I have just started using Lightroom and making my own edits. I have also just purchased some presets as well.  I need to decide do I want bright or do I want to go darkish with my images. I like both of these looks which makes it hard. I might play around and see what comes out best. Please bear with me until I get this sorted.  I might have a play around with my existing images and do some comparisons.

Styling?? I think at least a minimalist look. I don’t really like blogs that are cluttered as your eyes bounce all over the place and I find it hard to put my focus on one place.

Now I won’t be a prolific blogger, I just don’t have the time at the moment.  I am hoping for 1 to 2 posts a week, if that.. I will see how I go, but when I post something I want it to be quality. I tend to have a great idea, run out of time and then rush it (usually late at night when I should be in bed). I need to plan things a bit better; says she the great organiser – NOT.

Sooo watch this space and let’s see what I end up with.

later Gaters.

Stefanie xx


14 Apr 2018
29 Apr 2018