Over the next few weeks I will be sharing with you my current wishlist of things I want to do/attempt.  I will also pop up a page and consolidate the list and maybe then into their categories. I am thinking hobbies (new & existing), books, movies and other stuff?? I don’t know, still need to put some thought into it.

To kick things off I will share two things; a new to me and an existing one.

New thing

Succulents. Until recently, I hated these things. But, it appears I was looking at the wrong ones.  OMG have you seen how cute they can be and the colours!! Oh my.. My mind has been blown.

I want to pot them all. One of my sisters has a cafe / nursery near where she lives and they have some gorgeous ones in really interesting pots. They so have given me food for thought.  I need to now learn about potting them, looking after them and also propagating them. Totes excited.

I also want to start visiting second hand places etc to start collecting things to use as pots / containers. Google here I come!!!!

Old thing

One thing I want to do is to extend myself with hobbies I already do with my main hobby being sewing.  I learnt to sew when I was in high school, dabbling in and out of it over the years but getting serious about it the last 5. I am currently trying to sew and put together myself a Curated Closet.

To help facilitate this, I am participating in a sew along #Sewmystyle2018.  The first cab off the rank is a knit (fabric) top/dress.  I have never sewn knits before and this is one hurdle I want to get over this year.  I have downloaded the pattern and just need to put it together; it is a PDF pattern (The Sunny Dress / Top).

I have sewn some complicated things so I don’t know what is causing this stupid fear I have of this fabric; everyone tells me it is so simple to sew.  I have some fabric in my stash (I am hoping to reduce this as much as I can before I go and purchase anymore) that I will do a test run on. Once I am comfortable with this, I will then go onto try something else.  I love tshirts and would like to replace the ones I already have.

I could make stuff with kitties on it! Oh I have to let you know.. I love cats. Seriously do and I have 2 of them. Tiger and Newton.

There is so much funky stuff out there. Saying that I think I have some knitted fabric with dogs(?) on it. I must drag that out if this is the case and make up a shirt with it. Cool.

I know I have a gorgeous piece of jersey that I have been too scared to cut into.. Hopefully with a bit of experience under my belt I will be able to make a something with it.  I have a top with a cowl on it as it has the most beautiful drape to it.

Well that is enough for this post.  I am off to tape the pattern together and over the week will cut it out and sew it up.  And whilst at work I will check out succulents. Shhh.

Have a good one.

Stefanie xo


(Header Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash)



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