Oh, the places we'll go!

As I mentioned in this post, Hubbie and I are off to Europe in Sept/Oct for a 5 week trip. The trip is mainly centred around Scandinavia but we have popped in a couple of side trips to Italy and Germany, which are mainly work related for Hubbie. Whilst we are Italy we thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to pop into San Gimignano and spend a few days with our exchange student that we hosted a few years back.

After much deliberation and research, we have landed on an itinerary. Well I have, Hubbie just agrees with what I choose. Ok, he did baulk at the idea of going to the Faroe Islands and with only 2 hours of daylight at that time of year, I had to agree. Oh well, next time.

Flights there and back, all of the accommodation, all but 3 trains and a day tour of the Fjords have been  booked.  I have also booked an internal flight from Copenhagen to Milan as it was going to take too long and too many euros!!

All in all, we will have 15 train trips, 1 ferry, 1 boat (sightseeing) 1 internal flight on this trip so far, phew! At least most of the train trips are decent lengths so we can rest up.

As Hubbie’s company is paying for his flight, they allow their employees to fly Premium Economy, so that means I am going this way as well.  We are flying with Singapore Airlines all the way through to Frankfurt and on return Lufthansa to Singapore then Singapore Airlines (partners). I’ll let you know how that goes when we get back.

Travel insurance has been purchased and we got a good deal with 1cover. I had a good look around and they were the best price and they were Travel Insurer of the year in 2017.  We paid $337 for the two of us with the equivalent from another firm at $1047!

Having  worked in the emergency assistance business a few years back, I am very wary of insurance companies assistance but couldn’t find any reviews good or bad, so I will take that as a good thing.

We have also decided to get a house sitter to look after our 2 cats and a tank of tropical fish tank. Putting the cats into boarding would cost a bomb and the fish, well they can’t quite look after themselves… One of my sisters put me on to a place called Aussie Housesitters which costs sittees nothing to join and once I put my ad up I had 6 replies. After screening the sitters, we decided on a lovely couple to sit for us. We skyped each other and they will be dropping by in a couple of weeks to meet face to face. Too easy.  Hubbie thinks we will come back to an empty house –   Ye of little faith I say.

I also may need to update my passport as I will only have a few months left on it by the time we go; this will cost me around $350 for a 10 year passport. I need to research to see where the rule is that you must have at least 6 months on you passport when travelling.  If this is the case, then I will try and renew it in the next few weeks.

We have also started thinking about what we are going to take as in clothes etc.  We will have two suitcases between us but we don’t like to travel with the whole house and keep the weight to a minimum.  I will go into detail in a later post about what we plan to take, packing etc.

I am also looking at getting a good pair of noise cancelling headphones so will investigate these. I do have pair in mind but I do want to see if I can listen to a few to hear what they sound like.

Trying to choose which camera to take is also something I need to think about. I have a DSLR and mirrorless one. I am leaning towards the mirrorless one as it it lighter and smaller in size, plus it takes great pictures.

Well I think this is it for now.  Other than a few things to do, there isn’t much we can do until we get closer to the date.

Til later.

Stefanie xx


Day 1: Flight to Frankfurt, Germany via Singapore (layover)

Day 2: Overnight in Frankfurt

Day 3: Train to Fredericia, Denmark – overnight stay

Day 4: Train to Hirtshals, Denmark – overnight ferry to Bergen, Norway

Day 5 – 8: Bergen / Train to Oslo, Norway

Day 8  – 11: Oslo / Train to Stockholm, Sweden

Day 11 – 15 Stockholm / Train to Copenhagen, Denmark

Day 15 – 19 Copenhagen / Flight to Milan, Italy

Day 19 – 22: Milan / Train to San Gimignano, Italy

Day 22 – 27: San Gimignano / Train to Bologna, Italy

Day 27 – 31: Bologna / Train to Tuttlingen, Germany

Day 31 – 35: Tuttlingen / Train to Frankfurt, Germany

Day 35: Flight to Sydney via Singapore (layover)

Day 36: HOME


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Header Photo by Wes Grant on Unsplash



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