Playlist #1

Music.. do you love it, hate it or don’t care either way? Me I love it. I seriously wouldn’t know what to do if the music stopped.

I have mentioned a few times that I don’t know what to blog about, but I have decided that I will have a music post. I will post it on the weekend, hopefully early so you have something to listen to.  I will also create a playlist on Youtube with these videos as well as a Spotify one to match the videos.  I will also do these playlists by years so they can be played continuously. How often this gets posted, I don’t know. I will see how I go.

I will post 4 videos at least in a post; Old (to me), New (to me), Move (funky, dance etc), Quiet (classical, relaxing etc) and then whatever takes my fancy and I may add others if I feel like it; my blog, my choice! I may also have a theme every now and then as I have some ideas.

So first cabs out of the rank:


Level 42 – My favourite band when I was growing up (this will show my age!). I first saw this video on tv and was hooked. Mark King owns the bass!


One thing I love about Spotify is how it recommends artists for me. Through this I have found so many new artists and music. William Fitzsimmons is one. Just adore his music.


I have recently discovered the cello and how it is such a calming instrument.  This is another new to me artist Sally Maer, also known as Cello Diva (not sure if this is just her or a whole lot of other divas??). But hey, this is lovely with the cello and piano.


Ah they don’t write them like this any more – The Fixx


Well I hope you like this collection.. Until next weekend.

Stefanie xo

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