New Thing – Polymer Clay

Um so I may have discovered a new hobby, Polymer Clay.

A few weeks ago myself and a couple of friends got together to learn how to make jewellery from this polymer clay.  I have never used it before but I can see a lot of things being made on the horizon. It is so easy and the possibilities are endless.

Before we met we were told to go and get some clay, we were advised that “Sculpey” is best. Apparently it is more pliable than Fimo. It certainly was easy to play with.  One of the girls had some Fimo and she did seem to struggle. We were advised how to keep our hands clean and our work area as this stuff picks up fluff and other colours very easily. We were told to clean our hands after every colour change. We were then shown how to cut, roll, mix colours and how to put in holes etc and then we went for it.

Between the 5 of us we had plenty of colours and other bits and bobs.  I bought a stack of colours and jewellery findings. What I didn’t think to do was research beforehand.  Seriously.. get onto either Pinterest or Instagram and see what you can find.. OMG

Necklace made by Me.

I made a few things but this is the only completed item.

There is so much you can make from this stuff.  And it is so easy.. You make something, bake it for 1/2 an hour and voila!  I have so many ideas of things I want to make but of course it is finding the time.  I want research a bit more as I reckon I can make pots to put in some succulents! How cool would that be?

Bangles will definitely be in the mix along with earrings and necklaces.  But definitely go and check this stuff out; what people have made is mind boggling.

The best thing is that you can combine other things with this stuff. Beads, chains, anything you want really.  I want to look into how it is best cooked and also check out things like glazing it, smoothing things out and what tools are out there. I also want to find some good tutorials on it.

You can check out my Pinterest board – here. You can so go down a rabbit hole looking at what people have made with this stuff.  Here is a link to the Sculpey website and yes you can get a stack of accessories.

So have any of you used polymer clay to make something? I would love to know…

Just what I need, another hobby.


Stefanie xo


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