Embroidery & Knitting

Well hello there!

How the heck are you? Well the weather here in Sydney is starting to cool down and we have had a bit of very much needed rain.. Sleeping at night has been lovely, so over the humidity.

Well today I thought I would give an update on what I have been working on.  I am currently doing an embroidery and am still knitting a baby blanket that just doesn’t seem to end.

First up is the embroidery I have been working on for way too long.  I mentioned it in this post and that I get a kit every month. Well I have now 4 and not have completed one! Eek, better pull out the proverbial finger hey?  Over the last few days I have got stuck into and I am really enjoying it.

I find it a great way of spending some quiet time.  I come up to my sewing room and pop on some music and just plod away.  I was getting frustrated with just using a hoop so I toddled off to a shop near my work that sells knitting/fabric/embroidery etc, Morris & Sons and got myself a stand combined with a hoop.  I probably spent way too much money but I don’t know any other shop I could have gotten it from; I must put this on my list of things to investigate. A road trip perhaps??

I can get other sized hoops, but they are not cheap. I was trying to get a stand with a clamp that would allow me to use the hoops I have, but they didn’t have any. At least they are well made and solid, so I am getting quality.

Anyway onto the embroidery itself. As mentioned previously this is the first kit I have received from the Cozyblue Stitch Club. I would say that I am halfway through now?  So far I have learnt fishbone stitch, which I suck at, colonial knots which I love and I am in the throes of doing padded satin stitch.

I have also learnt the spider pinwheels (the pink roses) which at first I panicked at, but after youtubing it, it was dead easy.

Even though this is my first embroidery, I am quite pleased with myself. Ok some of the stitches aren’t that great, but hey I think I am doing ok.  I know my sewing friends are impressed!

The other project that I am working on still, is the baby blanket I am knitting. This thing does not seem to end.  I have about 65 rows to go but I am so bored with it, but I need to finish stat, as unfortunately it looks like the bub needs to come out early!

I also ordered myself a yarn bowl.  I wasn’t actually after one, but when trolling through Etsy for god knows what, I saw this one and had to have it.  It is made by a lovely man in Victoria who goes by the name Fatso and runs Fatso’s Workshop. I grew up in Tasmania and spent some time on the west coast and we had a small holiday house in Strahan.  This area is famous for its Huon Pine which is now very hard to get as pretty much all the trees are gone.  It has the most beautiful smell and is just gorgeous in colour.

So I snaffled it up before anyone else could and got it pretty much within two days.

Here it is in action

Hopefully I can finish this damn thing soon as I want to get a jumper or cardigan on my needles. I am wanting either the  Carbeth Cardigan by Kate Davies or Humulus by Isabell Kraemer. I am actually waiting for some yarn to become available for the Humulus. Love this jumper.

But until then the blanket.

So that’s that.  Not sure if you can tell but I am trying to up my game with my photos.  I was playing with my 50mm prime lense and not having much luck with it.  I belong to facebook group and I posted a question as my pictures seem to not be fully in focus. Apparently it is my depth of field (DOF).  Need to try and workout how to rectify this as I do want to get better with my photography; there is so much to learn on this subject.

Until next time!

Stefanie xx

4 May 2018