Gosh, two posts in and I have already been MIA! Sorry folks for the silence, but I just got swamped with stuff but I am back on board now so you should see things happening a bit more often. So where have I been and what have I been up to? PSA – this will be a long post with a few pictures.

Well I had an event last night that I have had in my diary for months, one that I needed to make a dress for and of course left it to the last minute. So that has taken up a fair chunk of my time.  I have also been doing an online style course via Facebook and that has also been quite intense. But these have both come to an end which means back to normal transmission.

So to start things off I nearly finished the Sunny Top that I spoke about in this post. As I mentioned I have never sewn knits before so when I made this top, I used fabric that I had in my stash.. Unfortunately it was the wrong type of fabric (Ponte) to use for this very fitted top.  I can’t get the damn thing over my head and shoulders. So I am looking at my sewing mannequin and admiring my handiwork on her as she is wearing it.

I do have to say that I did do a brilliant job on the neckline!

Next on the list for #sewmystyle2018 is either the Rumana Coat from ByHandLondon or the Estelle Ponte Jacket by Style Arc. I think I will give this month a miss as I have other projects on that want to finish.. If anything I might give the Estelle a go as I do have another lot of Ponte in my stash and this will give me another opportunity to play with a knit fabric.

Next on my list is my embroidery. I have been wanting to learn this craft for a long time and have over the years done other types of needlecraft, mainly cross stitch. I have dabble in others but have always admired embroidery and what people create with it.  If you have a few spare minutes, enter in embroidery into instagram and see what comes up. Mind blown.

Anyways, I joined up to a stitch club that was on offer from a website called CozyBlueHandmade.

Every month she sends out a kit which includes a pre-printed picture on fabric and the required yarn. You also get these cute little cards that have the yarn colour and number on them that you put your thread on. You don’t get any instructions, as you follow Liz on Instagram and she instructs you that way. She also shows you how to do the stitches; either on instagram or you can find instructions on her website.

I haven’t finished the first one (Jan 18) and have already received the for Feb 18. Unfortunately the price of this subscription has gone up by $10 per month from $15 to $25USD due to postage so not sure if I will continue? See how I go. But this is what I have done so far.  Sorry for the pictures as I couldn’t quite get any good ones as it was extremely sunny and windy. (Updated update – Liz has advised that the increase is only $5! Yeah).


I have learnt a few new stitches and I really like the roses. At first I was freaked out by them but after googling them I found a good tutorial and they were dead easy. And yes some of my stitches aren’t perfect, but I need to be easy on myself; this is my first one and I reckon I am doing damn fine.

I have ordered a couple more from Liz’s website and I have also ordered another one from another site.  A very cute kittie one.

Next cab off the rank is a baby blanket I am knitting for a work colleague.  Sarah is having her first baby soon, sex unknown and I said I would knit her a blanket.  She told me her colours and said she would like one in grey.  The pattern I have chosen is the Brooklyn Tweed Shale baby blanket. I was going to do this for another colleague but the yarn I was using kept breaking so I canned it. Having just recently been updated for 8ply means that there are more options available.


The yarn I chose is a favourite of mine, the John Arbon knit by numbers (KBN) and the colour I picked was KBN06. It ended up being a bit darker that I thought it would be, but looking at others, darker colours have been knitted up. I am about 1/5th through it and slowly getting there with it.

Next one! So this is a little backpack that I started just around Christmas.  It is for the dearest and cutest little girl you could ever meet, Lola.  Lola’s mum Emma worked with me and left our organisation prior to Christmas to focus on spending time with Lola.  Emma is very excited about this so this is the next cab off the rank. Hopefully I will have this finished by the weekend if not sometime next week.

Well I think that is it.  I have a lot of other things swirling in my head that I want to do and I am still trying to work out how this little ol’ blog will work, so bear with me as I try to get some order in place.

I am also doing personal stuff like exercising so this is taking up some time as well.

Until next time,


(Header Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash)



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